4 tips for choosing the right window style for your home

Windows to enhance your interior

Windows are such a key element to your home's whole look and feel, so it's really important that you choose the right style when replacing them or designing your home. Check out our handy tips to ensure you consider everything when making your choice...

1. Look to your home's architectural design first

Every home has its own style and architectural features, so when choosing the right windows for your home, this is definitely the first place to start. The aesthetics of the building itself will act as guidance when it comes to the right styling - whether its a 1930s semi-detached, Georgian town house or contemporary eco-build. Look at variations of modern and traditional and establish which ones you think are the best overall fit.

2. Choose colour wisely

Along with the design itself, colour also plays a vital part in choosing the right style for your home. A different colour to the standard white could offer that wow factor you're looking for, but remaining true to a building's heritage is a must. For cottages and farmhouses, a cream or sage green frame may work perfectly, whilst a modern new build may look great with dark grey, slimline frames.

3. Decide what purpose your windows will serve

Essentially, the purpose of a window is to let light into your home, but there is lots to think about around this in itself. Think about the space you're bringing light to - can you position the window to benefit two separate rooms? You also need to consider the type of window opening you want - would french doors be ideal to open out onto your garden? Do you want a fixed (none-opening) window that floods light into a stairwell?

Whatever the answers might be, carefully considering the purpose of your new windows is crucial to the end result.

4. It's about what's on the inside that counts too

Whilst how your windows look on the outside of your home is really important, living in the UK means that you spend more time looking at them from the inside of your home, so thinking about how they'll look with your interior should most certainly be high up on your list of considerations.

One of the most effective ways of enhancing your windows from an interior perspective is to opt for a bay window. A bay window is several panes of glass sitting together at an angle in order to extend the floor space internally, often used to house a window seat or feature armchair.

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